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Screening Section

The Screening Section of the TPRI is a brief assessment for identification of students who may be at risk for reading difficulties. Its primary purpose is to predict for teachers which of their students may need additional or intensive reading instruction in order to meet their grade level goals. The Screening Section also allows teachers to quickly gather information on students who are Still Developing (SD) important reading concepts in certain areas and would benefit from additional instruction.

It is important to recognize that a screening is not a diagnostic instrument. Thus, a score of SD does not mean that a student has a reading problem. Instead, it indicates a need for further evaluation.

The skills assessed on the screening tasks for different grade levels and times of year are illustrated on the following chart:

Screening Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
Letter Sound
checkmark checkmark checkmark      
Blending Onset-Rimes & Phonemes
checkmark checkmark checkmark      
Word Reading
    checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
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