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Questions from Parents

What is the TPRI?

The TPRI is a tool to help K-3 teachers quickly assess the early reading skills of students. Teachers may use the results of this assessment to group students according to their strengths and weaknesses so that instruction and curriculum may be adjusted to meet the needs of all students. Specifically, the purpose of the TPRI is:

  • To provide an English reading instrument for school districts.
  • To detect early reading difficulties or risk of reading difficulties at an early level.
  • To provide a summary of reading skills and comprehension which teachers can use in planning individual and/or group instruction.
  • School districts in Texas may use TPRI to fulfill the requirements of the Texas Education Code 28.006, which requires an early reading inventory for each child in the state.

Who gets tested and when?

All students in grades K-3 whose primary language of instruction is English may be tested with the TPRI reading assessment. Students are typically tested in the fall, winter, and spring of each year. The final decision regarding who is tested using the TPRI and when, is made at the child's school. Your child's school can tell you if your student will complete the TPRI and on what dates.

Is the TPRI a test?

The TPRI is most accurately described as an assessment screening and inventory. Children do not receive a grade for their performance. Teachers administer the TPRI as a tool to help them teach. With the results from the TPRI, teachers can better plan instruction for individual students.

Can I see the results for my child?

In Texas, state law requires that school districts report your child's score to you. If you have any further questions about the results, simply contact your child's teacher.


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