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TPRI Administration Videos

Training videos have been created for each grade level so that teachers can view proper administration of each TPRI Screening and Inventory task.


Grade 1

  • SCR-1 Letter Sound

  • SCR-2 Word Reading

  • SCR-3 Blending Phonemes

  • PA-1 Blending word Parts

  • PA-2 Blending Phonemes

  • PA-3 Deleting Initial Sounds

  • PA-4 Deleting Final Sounds

  • GK-1 Initial Consonant Substitution

  • GK-2 Final Consonant Substitution

  • GK-3 Middle Vowel Substitution

  • GK-4 Initial Blending Substitution

  • GK-5 Blends in Final Position

  • WR-1 Word Reading

  • Reading Accuracy & Fluency - Story 1

  • Reading Comp-Story 1

  • Reading Accuracy & Fluency-Story 2

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